Why use it

Online Sales

It is a tool that allows you to sell your products online. It also allows the entrepreneur to make a more precise management of the available stock.
In a nutshell, it is a software that will help you to have an additional online counter, without incurring high expenses with the management of the store.

After inserting your products and respective customizations, you only need to put the products online and ready for the sale to begin.
You can integrate the sales software with your website already created (in wordpress) or we can choose for creating a website within our system, thus allowing for more security, easier maintenance and updating.

Payment Options

Provide different payment methods

Favorites Option

Have the option in your store that allows you to add to favorites

List based pages

Create pages for specific times with marketing lists

Segmented Sync

Synchronize the products you want to sell on the different platforms

Featured Products

Create highlights suited to what you want to sell more in an easy way

Update Contents

Update your content in an easy and practical way with CMS

24/7 sales

24/7 sales

Keep your online store's light on all year, allowing your customers to shop anytime, anywhere.



Increase your range of action, reaching customers further away, who can buy your products from any geographic point.



Creating promotions in your store can be made easier by creating specific promotions or discount coupons.

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

In the case of online sales, group the items according to your preference and associate specific prices by quantity

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