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Omnichannel Chat

The omnichannel chat is a communication solution that allows interacting with customers across different messaging channels, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Messages, WEBSITE, and Instagram, in an integrated and centralized manner. With our tool, your company can offer a unified and consistent customer service experience, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer.

The omnichannel approach helps your company improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and consolidate the management of interactions across multiple channels. In summary, omnichannel chat is an integrated solution that facilitates communication with customers across various touchpoints, providing convenience, agility, and personalized service.

Easily set up a personalized chat in minutes. Integrate different communication channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business Messages or website chat. For the website chat, define your preferred design and the time you want the chat to be available. Create customized messages that you can send to the user or, if you prefer, configure threaded messages to more easily respond to your website visitors.

By centralizing all your chats on a single platform, you eliminate the need to constantly switch between different platforms or web browser tabs. All of this not only simplifies your communication with users, but also provides a consistent and efficient experience for your customers.


Receive all messages from your different chats in one place

Définition des horaires

Create schedules for the chat to open and close within a certain number of hours

Transfer between departments

Transfer conversations between different departments in your business

Custom messages

Create custom messages to automatically send to users

Add notes

Create notes so you never miss important details about each conversation

Custom design

Make your website's chat stand out through colors and background images



Manage conversations with your customers without having to switch platforms.



Conversion into leads

Conversion into leads

Easily turn a conversation into a lead, attracting a new potential customer



Integrate multiple chats into a single platform. Receive messages from your customers in one place.

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