24/7 reservations

Don't be limited by office hours. Accept reservations at any time of the day/night and time of year


Allow a reservation to be confirmed only after payment of a percentage of the total amount (security deposit)


Enter the digital age with national software made to measure for this field. Also enjoy other key features

Error Reduction

Reduce errors and misunderstandings registered through telephone calls, thanks to the input of information by the hand of the customer

why use it

Accommodation Rental/Management

The accommodation rental and management software allows your customers to make their reservations through your website. It is a complete software that, in addition to allowing you to leverage your business to other geographic areas, gives you the possibility of managing all the reservations made, preventing overlapping dates.

  • Direct accommodation booking system, based on a calendar with availability verification
  • Monitoring the status of reservations with special attention to payments made and confirmed reservations

We create your products so that, when requesting their rental, the reservation can go directly into the calendar and block (or not) the product for new reservations on the same date.
It will be necessary to integrate the website or build it from scratch, inside or outside our platform, to make reservations possible at any time, so you don't have to manually send the link for each product.

  • Reservation cancellations and rescheduling with application of fines
  • Allows, or not, overbooking, depending on how you want to manage reservations
Activities Bookings

In addition to accommodation, allow your customers to also make reservations for activities you also have (or your partners)

Services Management

Provide your employees with all the operations to be carried out so that the accommodations are in the necessary conditions to receive customers


Create time periods for possible cancellations, and may apply 'fines' or retention of the value for future reservations


Associate extras to reservations, to be selected when renting. Customers can customize their stay as they wish (extra services, in-room pampering, etc.)

Reservations Associations

Associate to existing customer reservations other activities to be carried out by the customer, so that he can enjoy discounts (for being hosted)

Quick Sale

Make sales/reservations to which you can apply personalized prices, depending on the services requested (ideal for instant discounts)

Featured Features

Get to know some of the features

Each business is unique and, as such, our software configurations adapt to each company's needs.


Fully customize the availability and outages of the asset, depending on the time of year or the prices applied

Booking Calendar

Use the reservation calendar to check your space occupancy

Cancellation Rules

Create cancellation rules to be applied to accommodations if customers uncheck

Costumer Area

Allow your customers access to a reserved area where they can see all reservations made and their status

Time Blocks

Create blocks of time through which your products can be rented, being able to associate a different price to each one

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