Give your customers a sense of security by exposing all the ways in which their personal data can be used.


Let your client know that the document has been changed, redirecting him to a new acceptance of the document, during this procedure.


Expose all the cookies you use for the proper functioning of the platform, leaving customers the choice to proceed.


The RGPD applies both to data collected from companies and individuals. The treatment is carried out in the same way.

Why use it

Data Protection (RGPD)

It is a feature that allows you to manage the terms and conditions and privacy policy applied to the company, that is, it is a regulation of law on privacy and protection of data entered in the different platforms in use.
At this time, it is mandatory for all companies that collect personal data from their customers.

  • Legislation that guarantees greater security
  • Tool to act against those who used the data improperly

After logging in, your customer will be redirected to the terms and conditions and privacy policy acceptance page. The moment of acceptance of these documents is recorded (the date and time) as proof of the client's consent. Whenever these documents are changed/updated, the customer is obliged to accept the terms again.

  • Avoid unauthorized data processing
  • Responsibility of who handles the data
Featured Features

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Versions Control

Create a new version of the documents whenever a change is needed. Previous versions are kept in history.

Personal Data Download

Allow your customers to download their personal data, and can also make any changes.

Forget Request

Your customers can, at any time, request that their personal data be forgotten, in order to leave the company

Cookies Managment

Present to your customers and visitors all the cookies you use for the proper functioning of the system. Transparency!

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