Bye Phone

Do not interrupt a service to answer your cell phone again. With the marking system, these fall on the platform at any time without the need for an immediate response.


Your customers are no longer limited to a time to make appointments. Stay available to receive appointments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Schedule Organization

Forget about scratched sheets and overlapping services. Keep a clean and organized online calendar, so you can directly understand what services are to be performed.


The customer makes the appointment privately and securely, without having to worry about who might be listening. You can also add extra requirements.

Why use it


It is a software that allows your customers to book online services anytime, anywhere, through any device.
By collecting information when booking/scheduling, you can idealize the perfect service, customizing it , to satisfy your customer's wishes, strengthening your relationship with them, creating their loyalty.

  • Modernization of the operation of appointments
  • Portal self service para o cliente (independência)

After the settings have been made, according to your business, provide a link that you can share with your customers, so that they can book services through an online device. We also integrate the software with your website, allowing appointments to be made through it.
Share the system on any platform (Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.) so you can receive appointments/schedules from anyone be the sharing source, but always through the same software.

  • Plan the resources needed for the services to be performed
  • Booking management through a single platform
Online Store

Sell your products online thanks to the integration with the store, keeping all the business management in one place

Service Proposals

Prepare service proposals requested by the customer and allow them to accept them in the reserved area


Keep the information up to date and always available for your customers to consult. Transparency breeds trust

Document Storage

Associate the relevant documents with each customer, without risk of loss

Customer Management (CRM)

Create individual accounts of your customers through which you can manage all the information

Procedure History

Keep records of all procedures carried out for each customer, in order to have a reliable record

Featured Features

Get to know some of the features

Each business is unique and, as such, our software configurations adapt to the needs of each company

Calendar Organization

Keep a clean, easy-to-reference schedule. The quick view allows you to check which service is next and at what time.

Full Tags

See any and all information about your appointments. From the customer, to the service requested, among others.


Justify the change/cancellation of the service through a quick notification to the customer in question.

Service Registration

Have at hand all the services performed by a specific customer. Easy and quick to consult.

Customer Area

Give your customer the possibility of having a reserved area where all the respective information will be registered

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