360º view

Get a quick view of all the business opportunities that arise. Access any information with just one click.

Order Management

Collect all orders obtained via email, telephone or in person in one place. You can then forward these requests to the responsible collaborator.


Integrate your website with our system and start receiving orders through it.


Access the software anytime, anywhere. Don't be stuck to the office so you can access the information you need.

Why use it

Contact Management (CRM)

It is a software that allows you to easily monitor and manage incoming contacts and new business opportunities, through dashboards and status reports for each of these opportunities.

Allows you to keep all customer follow-ups up to date so that there is no loss and/or forgetfulness of any task to be performed.

  • We integrate with your website or create a new one
  • Online Software
  • Customizable to your business

You can access it from any device with internet, since the software is housed in a secure cloud server, making it easy to access it from any place. We will give you access to the manager.

From the address (domain) associated with your account with us, you will have access to all the features and within a few hours of configuration we will deliver everything working.

  • Search, filter and sort your contacts based on configurable tags
  • All customer-related information on one page
Individual Accounts

Create individual accounts for each customer, resulting in a strictly delineated organization, without exchanging or mixing information/data

Internal Communication

Communicate with your customers through our internal email, creating a conversation history so that no information is lost

Document Storage

Associate the necessary documentation to each customer, reducing the need for physical space to store information

Project Manager

Create projects with the respective timelines to carry out any task, until the project is completed


Prepare and send proposals directly through the client's account or opportunity, thus giving the possibility to accept them in the reserved area


Create custom forms for each intervention sector, collecting information through them automating the follow-up

Presentation of opportunities and accounts

More than a CRM

Get to know some of the features

Each business is unique and, as such, our contact manager settings adapt to the needs of each company

Opportunity Panel

Organizing panel of ongoing opportunities. Fully adaptable states.

Sending Documents

Upload documents to the opportunity. Documents may or may not be downloaded in the client area.

Digital Agenda

Forget paper calendars. Keep your tasks organized, in your pocket and that you can look up anywhere.

Email History

Don't miss any information exchanged with customers. History will help you keep ideas fresh

Notes Register

Don't forget what you said to the customer on the cell phone or in person. Record all information in the respective account notes

Elaboration of Tasks

Elaborate task types, models and categories so that no moment of execution is forgotten

Task Workflow

Create a workflow of tasks so that they are automatically created by the system when associated with opportunities

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