Immediate Payment

Online payment allows the amount to be transferred immediately to the supplier's account.


Due to the protection against fraud that exists in online payments, they provide more security to the consumer if they do not receive the product

Purchasing by Impulse

Due to the ease of immediate payment, consumers are more likely to purchase the product they liked


Most providers do not charge setup fees and commissions are generally really low. Which Leads to Low Investment for Higher Profit

Why use it

Online Payments

Online payments are methods of processing economic transactions over the internet. Online payment systems are increasingly present in our market due to the ease and security of their processing.
Online payments can be made via credit cards, checking accounts or other methods such as Paypal.

  • Payment methods integrated with the software, allowing for fast and secure transactions
  • Payments with no fraud risk

Integrations with payment methods are already done. You just need to be a member of the family of that payment method, and send us the necessary data to integrate it with your account.

These methods will limit internet browsing to make any payment, since this procedure will be carried out in the flow of the operation that the customer is carrying out.

  • Payments made directly to the service provider
Featured Features

Get to know some of the features

Each business is unique and, as such, our software configurations adapt to each company's needs.

Immediate Redirection

Upon checkout, the customer is immediately redirected to the selected online payment method


There are online payment methods that create proof of payment so that it serves as proof of transaction

Automatic Confirmation

With online payments, the administrator does not need to manually confirm the payment


Your customers make payments by entering just an email and a password. Directly receive the amount in your account.


Accept credit card or online payments anytime, anywhere.


Accept immediate payments from anywhere in the world.

ATM Reference

And because the ATM reference never goes out of style, use this well-known method to receive payments

Bank Transfer

Through homebanking, in a branch or a terminal, the method that does not fail and that everyone knows.

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