Is a website sufficient for online success?

E-business platform for Micro and SM Companies

We transform your website into a true digital service desk that will allow you to automate orders coming from the internet!


We integrate with your website, or create one tailored to your needs.


Make sales, receive reservations, proposals, payments and more in one place.


Independently of the type of business, it adapts very easily to each sector.


Workflows so you never miss a business opportunity and respond in a timely manner.

4.0 Digital SMC

Transform your traditional business with e-business is an e-business software, which provides Micro and SMEs with a platform to create the digital counter.

With different levels of access, it allows you to perform all online content management operations, orders receipt, sales processing, payments receipt, availabilities management, services planning and much more. It can be integrated with an existing website or created internally.

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Want to sell more?

Before spending on Digital Marketing, organize your online counter!

Counter always open!
Counter always open!

Have a new communication channel. Transform your website into a true digital counter.

Orders in one place!
Orders in one place!

Manage customer information and interactions online to automate processes.

More results!
More results!

Automating processes will decrease response times and increase profitability.
Software as a service (SaaS)

Focus on what you know best, we take care of the cloud!


We updated the software with new features and integrations.


We guarantee the hosting of your files in the cloud, available on any device.


We are constantly evolving to maintain security.


We offer a professional email system, in case you want to associate your domain.

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How to begin

Get everything up and running in a few hours!


Choose the solution that best suits your business. If you have doubts we help!


We will implement the chosen solution and in a few hours it will be online


We will keep all the infrastructure and security, so you don't have to worry

E-business platform

Technology accessible to micro and SMCs

The EBSSS software allows micro, small and medium-sized companies to have access to technologies previously only within the reach of large companies.

With EBSSS you have a platform that is the basis for your company's online success. You will be able to access and manage all information related to the customer, automating all processes, and improving the relationship with them.

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