Sell online, or just receive orders to pick up at the establishment

We create your digital counter

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The digital economy is much more than a website!

Online Sale

Do not waste time. Start selling your products online now


Bring what is necessary to your clients' homes, without much effort


Automate the tasks to be performed when processing an order


Integrate the entire system and its functionalities with your website

The Software

Your business on the internet

Provide your customers with an area where they can consult your products, place orders and much more.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your sales counter open 24/7? Don't think anymore and do it now! Put your products on the internet and start selling. Accept orders and process sales instantly. Receive and prepare budgets. Contact the customer and receive feedback. All of this on the same platform. Don't split up and simplify!.


Receive and process orders at any time. Access information via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Administration Area

Receive orders all in one place. Manage your customers and gather all the information so that it is easier to access and consult.

Customers Area

Provide your customers with a private area so that they can access exclusive information and consult old purchases.

Online Store

Sell your products online. Make a disposal of your stock, either through personal contact or through the internet.

Budget Requests

Will one of your customers organize a barbecue and need a quote for all the necessary products? Receive, prepare and send the quote quickly and safely!

Digital Counter

Do you already have your physical counter? What about digital? The same company with two doors open to the consumer. Twice as much gain.

Online Store

Have you thought about how easy it is to sell your products in the digital world? Just insert them on the platform and you're done! Quickly, orders/purchases of your products begin to arrive from your customers. Purchases made in the comfort of home. Make all or just some of your products available, so your customers can purchase them with one click! Simplify your life ....... and theirs!.


The purchase concept may differ from the order concept. Although you can take advantage of both with our system, if you are not comfortable with online payments, you can only receive orders via the internet and allow payment to be made at the time of delivery. We adapt the system to your preferences.

Administration Area

Take advantage of an area for administrators and manage your customers through it. Receive quotes, send files / documents, process orders / purchases, send internal emails to customers, among many other features. Any and all procedures will be recorded so that there is no loss of information, but also create a history of actions with the aim of being able to be consulted at any time, for any reason.

Customers Area

Your customers can take advantage of a customer area where they can consult exclusive documents for this target audience, as well as your company's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. With this window, they also have the possibility to always have the purchases/orders they made in the past always at hand, thus registering the products and the day of purchase. That is, they keep the history of the respective procedures.

Budget Requests

Do you want to make the quotation service available for certain events? Gather all orders in the same place. Prepare budgets on the platform and send them to the client. The customer can accept and/or refuse them through the area reserved for the customer, or you can do it for him.

Digital Counter

Do you already have your physical establishment open? Great! So, it's time to open your digital store! A second open door will allow you to reach more customers. And more, purchases/orders can be made anytime, anywhere, without the need to travel. With today's busy daily life, allow yourself to simplify your customers' lives.

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