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The digital economy is much more than a website!


Integrate the system with your website and start receiving appointments now

New Customer Management

Manage new customers with the information collected and stored in the same account

Online Calendar

Organize all appointments in a single calendar, with a 360º view of the tasks to be performed


Give your collaborators access by giving them only the permissions they need to perform tasks

The Software

Discover the Digital Economy

Streamline all processes in one place. Have a new online counter!

Is care at your clinic a huge challenge?
Between the telephone that rings and the user approaching the counter, the administrative is divided into many other tasks: making appointments, delivering documentation to doctors, billing processes. Find a discreet and efficient partner, who will allow a more careful and personalized face-to-face and online service.
Also take the opportunity to manage all the documentation related to the user, having it inserted in the respective account. No loss or misplacement of information..

Scheduling System

Give your users the opportunity to make their appointments anytime, anywhere.

Budget Requests

Dynamic Forms

Prepare forms with the desired questions in order to collect all the necessary information.

Documents Sharing

Share documents with your users without being intercepted or lost during shipment.

Clients Management

Keep your user base updated with all the information gathered in one place.

Reserved Area

Provide your users with a reserved area through which they can access exclusive information.

Scheduling System

Do you receive out of hours orders? Do users complain that they only remember to make an appointment after office hours or when they are already in bed? With our scheduling system, appointments can be made anytime, anywhere. Confirm or reschedule without having to use mobile phones. The entire procedure is carried out through our platform..

Budget Requests

Do you work on a budget? Give your users the possibility to request a quote for any service. Ask all the questions you want answered and get the information you need to make accurate proposals. Your user can accept and/or refuse in the private area, or you can do it for him, in the administration area.

Dynamic Forms

How confusing is your way of gathering information? By email, by phone, personal contact? Streamline this process through forms created by you, with the questions you want. Collect any and all information through them, in order to facilitate its storage. Request for documentation, contact requests, among others.

Documents Sharing

Invoices, service data sheets, regulations, etc. Make this information reach your users, in complete safety, through our file sharing system. Just upload the file to the customer's account, which they can download in the private area. No risk of loss. Simple, practical and confidential.

Client Management

What are the usual services for a given user? On what day was a certain service performed? What medication is prescribed? Need to contact him? All this information can be found in the respective customer's account. Contact him through our internal email system (keeping your conversation history). Offer a coupon discount for the number of services already performed.

Reserved Area

With the area reserved for the user, he can consult the appointments/services/treatments already carried out. You can confirm and/or cancel the respective appointments. Download files and have access to user-only documentation. Update personal data whenever there is any change, among other features.

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